wtorek, 28 września 2010

The Scarlet Calendar

It might be worth mentioning what's the idea with the Scarlet Calendar.

Longing for the Red Planet is supposed to be a deeply themed album. While researching stuff about the climate of Mars I started wandering about Martian rainfall. The thing is that raining water is something not very common there. However if there is to be a ecosystem that could support human life, at some point regular rain must occur. Creating such a ecosystem is no easy task, which will probably take many years, if not many generations.

I tried to imagine what would it feel like to see or feel the first rain that would fall on Mars. The joy that so much has been done, the knowledge that there is still more work to do. Anyone who will be able to experience that event will have a memory not comparable to any other.

During this time I was also working on a new composition. I did some experimenting with new sounds and about during the middle of work I could feel the rainy atmosphere in that music. By the time I finished I knew that these feelings I tried to imagine were present in what I have produced.

The title seemed problematic however. I knew that the rain had to occur during autumn, but I didn't know the names of Martian months. So I had to do some more digging.

Unfortunately I couldn't find anything interesting. Although most of the calendars I did find, were scientifically great (CMEX Mars Calendar, Darian Calendar and various "Martian" Calendars), they had either rather uninspiring names of months (January/Month 2/NASA) or were based on Latin mythology, which I find redundant. Moreover most of them tried to "fix" stuff in the Gregorian Calendar which I do not consider broken (what's wrong with each new year starting on different day of the week?).

In this situation I was forced to create my own calendar.

The website by Thomas Gangale who designed the Darian Calendar was a lot of help. Pretty much all the theory I needed was there. After designing the mechanics I had to choose the month names and the beginning of the calendar. I decided that months will be based on names of different deities from around the world and the beginning of the current era will coincide with the Mars 3 vehicle landing.

The Scarlet Calendar was ready. After that I could returning to naming my piece of music.

I titled that track "The first Ira rain". Ira being the 13th month being roughly a counterpart of November on Earth. In Polynesian mythology Ira is the sky goddess and mother of the stars.

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