wtorek, 19 października 2010

Payback (is a bitch)

MPAA, RIAA, BSA or Polish ZAIKS are essentially a mob, a mafia. They even work in a similar fashion. Although no physical violence is involved (yet), threats and extortion are their bread and butter. They spread fear and offer to "protect" the interests of artists or developers. Of course all they defend is their money stream. No ethics or morality involved.

The moment the Internet appeared the game changed. Information became free. People are no longer dependent in the news on the TV or the newspapers to know what is going on. People are no longer dependent on cinemas, radios, music shops and video rentals to get their music or films.

This of course works in both ways. Artists do not need to be dependent on studios and big publishers to get their works to the people. There is no more place for the middle man.

Yet the middle man shouts and cries "I AM needed!". Well not any more. The XX century ended a decade ago. This is a new world and that middle man is a relic.

But of course when money is involved, some will not face the facts. So these organizations began an offensive on modern technology, freedom and truth.

But the change has started. The people do not want to live like in the past. We have discovered that we can choose and possibilities are endless. We do not want to be at the mercy of these parasites. And we do fight back. One such an example is “Operation Payback (is a bitch)” initiated by the Anonymous. I welcome You to visit their page, spread the word and I You're willing, to join the fight.

Why should I pay, why should anybody pay, for something that is not worth a penny? I've downloaded tons of music but I bought every single record that was worth the effort. Why should I pay for a movie that I cannot watch the way I want to? In witch I cannot skip commercials, or cannot watch on the system of my choice? When I can get much more value on the Pirate Bay?

Some musicians and film makers say that can't make a living if their work is downloaded and not bought. Well the solution is simple. Create something that is worth buying or find another job. If you produce a piece of crap You do not deserve any compensation, regardless of your effort.

This mob says that copying or pirating kills music and movies. No it does not. It kills music and movie industry. And good riddance! Let them die. Let them be forgotten and fall into obscurity. Let the big movie studios and big record companies go bankrupt. They are cancer and nothing more. Art will survive.